Hi, and welcome to Frisco Valley Land

We are a small, family owned business that specializes in bringing you affordable, undeveloped land parcels.

How to Buy Land

  1. Check out the inventory on our site (homepage)

  2. When you’re ready to make it yours, click SECURE THIS PROPERTY. This allows you to pay the document fee so no one else can reserve the parcel.

  3. Next, you will fill out a brief reservation form: Click Here. This will allow us to send you the documents with your information (Deed/Land Sale Contract/Terms Agreement).

  4. If paying cash, we’ll send you a land sale contract to sign. Then we’ll draw up the deed and send you a picture to verify. If everything looks correct, we will send you a link for final payment.
    Then we will get everything notarized with the county, and the parcel is yours!

  5. If financing, we’ll send you a terms agreement to sign, along with a payment authorization form. Once the land is paid in full, we record the deed in your name and the property is yours!


Call or text (505) 322-6498